Founded in 2014, SHAHRIL FAISAL Design specializes in furniture, lighting and interior accessories. Designs cultivated here are thoroughly permitted to rigorous philosophical paradigms that are meant to evoke emotions, provoke thoughts and stimulate the senses.

Emotional and functional attributes are endorsed as equally meaningful values throughout the range of designs created. This corresponds with the pride in producing timeless objects of beauty which embeds the delicacy and simplicity of traditional Malaysian roots.
Shahril Faisal
Michio Anazawa


Mr Anazawa was trained at Kuwasawa Design School which was the first design educational institution established in Japan. There, he learned the foundations of interior design and furniture design, before graduating in 1995.


Started working at a design office in Tokyo for four years in the interior design of stores, offices, and hotels. Later  he  worked  as  a  freelancer on branding for Japanese companies working and with a French design company Carré Noir. In March 2000, he established his own studio, named Design Applet. In 2001, he moved from a contract furniture company to a trading company, and he participated “furniture design as a retail trade material.” It is here that his work was instantly adopted as the MUJI birch wood series products. This item was under production for a long time, and so a design agreement for various brand materials was formed with Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan’s largest trading company.



Following that, he was involved in much of the material development for interior shops, such as MUJI, Franc franc, and one’s, which were developed as large-scale stores. The interest in solid objects from his youth was more closely related to this type of product design work than that to spatial design. In particular, within the limited conditions of chairs (function / volume / strength / production factory engineering), he was strongly attracted to the charm of constructing 3D microcosms. In recent years, there have been a growing number of reverse offers from overseas manufacturers whom he once visited as production bases. He is now working on a variety of interior products, paying attention to Japanese-influenced subtle sensitivity and functional beauty. These principles of timeless design will never feel dated.


Designer, art director, professor, design editor, entrepreneur, GB is known as one of the most eclectic players on italian design stage. Since his graduation (IUAV, with a pioneering dissertation about LEDs in domestic lighting) and through his job at Foscarini, he deals with the design of light; an inclination that in 2012 led him to be appointed Art Director of world-famous and leading design light firm FontanaArte.


Deemed one of the most prominent italian designers of the noughties, in 2012 he co-founded SomethingGood, a design firm he also runs together with his partners selling high-quality, handcrafted products locally made in Italy, to promote italian traditional techniques and know-how. Frequently showcased into many magazines around the world and design exhibitions (including MoMA, Milan Triennale, and many others), he has taught in many italian universities, doing workshops, lectures or postgraduation courses


Filippo Mambretti was born in Como on 21st February 1981.

He attended “B. Luini” Artistic High Scool in Cantù (CO). During the High School’s years, he met Bruno Munari, and, due to this experience, Filippo started looking into design. Afterwards, he registered to Politecnico di Milano, where he obtained two degrees (Furnishings design and Furniture design). During the last year in Politecnico, Filippo started his professional activity working in Italo Rota’s office for a short period of time. Afterwards, he cooperated with Francesco Murano in both MayDayDesign and Spheradesign offices.

In 2008, he created MakiStyle office, so that he could attempt to innovate design as much as possible, revolutioning communications and projectings. Nonetheless, he left the office in 2010 and, in 2011, he joined SpheraDesign’s staff as a working partner.

Teacher and professional in the field of product design and interior design winner of numerous design awardsincluding, Infiniti Design Contest 2011, Castelli Design Contest 2012 and Autoprogettazione 2.0.

Currently, in addition to devote himself to teaching at the SSS_AA, the CSIA and the Polytechnic of Milan, heads the design studio Mambro Design Studio based in Chiasso, active in Switzerland and throughout Europe, thanks to the lively collaboration with various entities industrial product design and architectural design.

He is graduating as head of training at the IUFPP.

Inspired by the G-Mark award in 2018, NOKTA created LINEA. A new line of storage collection focus on simplicity yet well designed and sturdy frame construction.

Proof of how design makes a difference in ordinary furniture. Appealing to younger consumers at affordable price point.

LINEA starts with GARIS collection in 2019. Shahril, Ezran, Hazmi and Al Rashid started with eight (8) items this March. 

TOP L-R: Shahril & Ezran

BOTTOM L-R: Hazmi & Rashid