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Thank you for visiting NOKTA. 

NOKTA is a Malaysian furniture brand established in 2016. NOKTA designs, manufactures and sells original design furniture. We work mainly with American Walnut and American White Oak solid and veneer, MDF, Particle Board, Plywood, Engineered Coloured Wood, fabric as well as leather.

NOKTA has since sold its furniture in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Russia, France, Austria, India & Mexico.

In 2019, NOKTA launched its Online Platform LINEA Designer Furniture or LINEA. Please click here to browse

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Awarded Good Design Mark in 2018 by the Japanese Institute of Design Promotion.

SATAH Arm Chair and SHIFT Side Table
Designed by Shahril Faisal
2020 11 25 TANA TV Cebinet MFC Good.png
2020 12 11 TANA Table GARIS Task Chair (
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